Anyone can become a member of Cooperation Hull 

Join a ramshackle community of strangers, from builders to poets, who all have one thing in common: we want to build a better world and we’re ready to roll up our sleeves. 

Your monthly contributions will keep us going through thick and thin. 

Regular income, no matter how small, helps us plan into the future. And the knowledge that we have friends supporting us will help motivate us to keep knocking on doors, keep asking the hard questions, keep listening, keep trying and keep experimenting. Read more about what we’re doing here.

Suggested contributions based on your income

Minimum Dues

£2 per month


£9 per month

High Earner

£20 per month

What’s more helpful than money? Time!

If every person reading this contributed 1 hour a week to Cooperation Hull, we’d be well on our way to changing the world. As well as your monthly membership contribution, get stuck in on the ground. 

Start by attending the next Cooperation Hull event. Experience an Assembly for yourself, attend a welcome talk, or just come to a social and say hello! Besides, you’ve got to come in person sometime to collect your free badge (they’re hot property, trust us).

As members, you’re entitled and encouraged to attend as many of our monthly members meetings as you can! Have your say in how Cooperation Hull works, and find your place in the movement. Details of all this will be in your welcome email.

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Leave us your number on our homepage if you haven’t already, and we’ll kickstart your journey with Cooperation Hull.

Pledge to Make the Hull People’s Assembly a Reality

When we have 500 signatures, we’ll launch the citywide Assembly. Two hundred people, meeting over a few days, tackling a big topic. 

Organising something this big won’t be easy! It will be all hands on deck go go go and it’s our members who will make it happen, working as part of a team to pull off something groundbreaking. 

When the time comes we’ll be inviting all our members to commit at least 10 hours of your time to help make The Hull People’s Assembly a reality. 

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